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corkscrew 11-09-10 12:33 AM

I received a tricycle frame, can it be repaired?
I was given this frame by a fellow commuter at work. He had it replaced under warranty and was kind enough to pass it on to me.

It has a crack in the bond between the frame and the tube that connects to the crank/boom tube.

The material is 4130 steel.

Assuming I can find a competent frame builder, is it fixable?

unterhausen 11-09-10 12:42 AM

I suspect it can be fixed, but if you do build up the bike and ride it I would recommend keeping it clean in that area so you can see if any of the booms have developed cracks. I gather that the cracked part is not shown in the second picture?

corkscrew 11-09-10 09:47 AM

Correct, the crack is at the base of the forward most tube in the second photo. Just wanted to include a better idea of the whole picture.

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