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pstock 12-06-10 02:27 PM

"fluted" (?) forks
I was talking Colnagos with a fellow the other day and he described the Precisa fork as "fluted". I forgot to ask him at the time what that term ("fluted") meant in this context. Can anyone here enlighten me?



Dave A 12-09-10 07:03 PM

He was likely talking about the steerer tube. Columbus used to produce steerer tubes that were "fluted" to maintain strength, but reduce weight. They had ridges in them. Kind of like rifling in the barrel of a gun, but without the twist.....


MichaelW 12-10-10 09:52 AM

Picture here

JohnDThompson 12-10-10 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by MichaelW (Post 11913557)
Picture here

Ah. The modern version of the rifling Columbus, Ishiwata, Tange, Vitus &etc used to put intheir steer tubes:

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