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rafi 12-14-10 03:26 PM

Hello All,

Any ideas where I could get an enamel headbadge run made, looking like this:


I can't seem to find anything on the interweb, and I'm sure that someone here has jumped through this hoop before. Looking to get a run of 50-100 made.

Thanks all,

mudboy 12-15-10 08:00 AM

I've never used them before, but try this

unterhausen 12-15-10 08:38 AM

I have a list somewhere, I need to organize them. Just chiming in to note that this is probably going to cost at least $100, and probably more like $250-500

A lot of people go with e-machine shop. I was also thinking of one of the rapid prototyping places that does sintered stainless steel

rafi 12-15-10 01:07 PM

Im not really interested in just busting out a stainless headbadge, laser cut style.

I am particularly looking for the enamel, old school looking deal, like the link. is nice, but her work is one off, I am looking for a production run.

tuz 12-15-10 02:04 PM

Here is another one (a friend of mine). She made a batch at some point...

unterhausen 12-15-10 06:18 PM

I'll look up my link, there are a batch of people that specialize in bicycle headbadges. I think these guys also will do the job. I'll try to find some more links, not at the right computer now.

rafi 12-16-10 12:30 PM

Great, thank you.

jmichaeldesign 12-16-10 06:22 PM

Sand casting really isn't too hard to do. Do a little research, you could probably get a small crucible and just melt brass with an oa torch and a rosebud tip.

rafi 12-17-10 09:53 AM

I'm sure you're right, but I really am asking for a specific source. Not suggestions.

Six jours 12-17-10 07:04 PM

So there.

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