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Oramas 12-21-10 10:15 AM

Horse Cycles - Brooklyn NY
So I was at my local Bodega and spotted a nice looking geared bike but wasn't familiar with the brand. Started chatting with the bike's owner, turns out he builds bikes here in Brooklyn. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or comments about Horse Cycles.

My main issue is pricing on custom frames. I have always wanted a custom built bike but seeing how I can get a Yamaguchi frame for a little bit more, would this particular frame be worth the asking price?

unterhausen 12-21-10 11:48 AM

The pricing is at the low end for a custom frame. There are too many established builders that are undercharging for their frames. Kinda wish they would cut it out. Competing on price is not a stable business plan. At $1200 for a frame, the guy is paying himself a subsistence wage at best.

Having said that, I think the best way to become more comfortable with a builder is to make contact with him. I don't know what you can learn on an internet forum that is very useful in that regard. A custom frame is a big investment and requires patience on the part of the consumer. If you aren't comfortable with the builder up front, things are just going to go downhill from there.

stanridgespeed 12-21-10 04:13 PM

completely agree with unterhausen. Talk to the builder. If you jive take the next step.

Oramas 12-22-10 09:15 AM

yes i agree and i was talking to the owner. I was just curious if anyone on the forum from the area had any knowledge about this particular builder or company. Just because I might jive with a particular builder doesn't make his build good or worth the expense.

unterhausen 12-22-10 01:27 PM

there are a lot of small builders that don't have a lot of exposure and that you aren't going to get a lot of feedback about. I don't think that should be a deal killer. Of course, that opinion could be seen as self-serving since the same could be said of me.

I can just relate my experience as far as offering an opinion. I am very reluctant to endorse other builders that I don't know extremely well. At this point, that's limited to one person plus a batch of big name builders that seem like a safe bet. I just don't see how my impressions would be useful to anyone, and I've never had dealings with any builders as a customer either.

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