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Leebo 01-14-11 01:18 PM

Thinking about trying to make my own handlebars. Steam bent wood? Maybe some steel ones. I'm not a frame builder, but sort of mechanical. Thoughts and options?

unterhausen 01-14-11 01:57 PM

not sure about wooden handlebars. I would go with steel.

ftwelder 01-15-11 05:09 PM

I make (or try to) pretty much anything Including handlebars. Here are some Lauterwasser bars I made. I used a lot of machinery for this.

You can fill the tube with dried sand after welding a cap on one end. Pack the sand and cap the other end. Leave a vent hole (too small for sand to fall out of) This makes bending potentially possible but not easy with a multi-flame heating tip on a torch. You can't do less than 3" radius on 7/8" steel tube without some support on the inside of the tube to prevent collapse. I used a mandrel type bender for these and it still took a few hours.

mudboy 01-15-11 05:52 PM

Frank: Hard. ********. Core.

ftwelder 01-29-11 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by mudboy (Post 12082840)
Frank: Hard. ********. Core.


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