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whitekimchee 10-21-11 12:24 PM

Columbus Zona v. Columbus Life/Spirit
Debating on which tubing to use for my next build. The frame is going to be lugged and is going to be used daily on the streets.

I keep reading that Life/Spirit is lighter and slightly stronger than Zona but is susceptible to dents because it uses tubing that has very thin walls. And we all know no one likes dents. I care more about durability than weight.

Also on another note, what is the difference between Life, Spirit, and Spirit Keirin? Is it just the weight?

Leukybear 10-21-11 12:42 PM

I would ask in the framebuilders subforum here at bikeforums ;)

Allen 10-21-11 12:47 PM

Moved from SS/FG

tuz 10-21-11 01:22 PM

Yes Spirit & Life are a bit stronger than Zona, thus they can be drawn thinner. Durability is dependent on who is doing the welding/brazing and what the rider does, but yes a thicker & stiffer tube is usually better in that regard.

If the frame is lugged, then you are probably stuck with the "spririt for lugs"; it's the only set with long enough butts.

As for the differences between the tube sets, weight is one, but so is tube diameter, wall thickness & butt lenghts. Never heard of Spirit Keirin.

Nessism 10-22-11 05:32 PM

I'd go with the thicker downtube option within Zona, .8/.5, since that will add a little extra stiffness. Spirit for Lugs has nice long butts so that would be a good choice for the top tube. Mix and match.:)

mudboy 10-23-11 08:38 AM

Is Zona cro-mo or nivacrom?

unterhausen 10-23-11 12:44 PM

Zona is nivicrom. I haven't managed to dent my Spirit for Lugs bike at all. I'm guessing that the shaped Spirit might be easier to dent

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