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horribleoldman 11-08-11 04:55 PM

Canti posts and offset?
I'm about to fix up an old Bob Jackson, this is my first experience brazing canti posts.

Nova has a bunch of different offsets for canti's what should I be looking for to determine offset?

fietsbob 11-08-11 05:35 PM

what brakes do you want to run?. newer decedents of the Mafac ones..
Empella Froglegs, EuroX copies and such,
have no pad height adjustments, so Where you place the bosses
determines the brake adjustment.

My older forks have a narrow boss spacing,
but the modern cross forks have a wider spacing. [narrower than the rear]
and so the brakes are made to suit the cross/MTB spacing ..

I'd buy the brakes , fit the wheels, and let them tell you what the spacing,
and location, should be..

That's what I did 35 years ago with the Mafac ones..

AlAn cross frames had the bosses on the center line of the fork blade,
no off set, [but they got adhesive bonded not brazed]

GrayJay 11-08-11 06:05 PM

Ive put canti post on several steel CX bikes and have used Nova's 7mm single mitre post for brazing to the front fork and thier 9mm double-mitre post for attaching to standard size/configuration rear seatstays. These resulted in around 75mm spacing and worked fine with my brakes, required very little additional prep work on the lugs for a tight mitre fit at the intended location. You could of course also get thier zero offset post and mitre them yourself (or alter the mitres as needed from either of the 7 or 9mm offset). Canti post are so cheap (way below minimim order surcharge and shipping cost) so it is probably a good idea to get an extra set to have onhand should you find that you need something slightly different.
Most all canti brake arms have some means to adjust the pads in/out to compensate for pad wear so exact width of the post placement on the frame is not critical.
Good thread on canti post spacing over here;

unterhausen 11-08-11 07:55 PM

modern cantis are 80mm apart. Take a ruler, measure 80mm, and see where you are relative to the stays. That should help you decide which bosses to buy

horribleoldman 11-11-11 02:43 PM

Thanks everyone!

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