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mudboy 01-11-12 01:52 PM

Anyone with a lathe want to make a little money off me?
I'm building some stems from cro-mo. I need to have some top caps machined from steel, preferably cro-mo. If you've ever seen a Salsa quill stem, think one of those, except for steel and not aluminum -- these will be brazed in place. Need 2, could go as high as 10 if it gets the price low. I will send you pictures of a Salsa top cap, and dimensions.

Email me at [email protected] gmail . com if you can help.



Live Wire 01-12-12 10:35 AM

Hit up Alex Meade seems like a go-to guy for this sort of thing.
I'd be down for a few of those if you have to get extra and you think you might not use them.

mudboy 01-12-12 12:23 PM

OK, if anyone else is interested in something like this, let me know. Might be a group buy opportunity. However, all I need are caps that will fit 7/8 x .048 wall thickness tubing, so that's all I'm planning on having made.

Andrew R Stewart 02-06-12 09:14 AM

Did you get your caps made? I have used a couple of times to have braze one turned in a larger quanity then I wanted to do myself. Alpha Engineering & manufacturing In Minneapolis did the work for me. Todd's number was 763 542-8860 a year+ ago. Andy.

bored117 02-06-12 10:26 AM

Check out

unterhausen 02-06-12 11:01 AM

since he never followed up with me, I'm assuming he got someone to make them or didn't need them yet

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