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PapaToad 01-29-12 10:56 AM

TREK 9xx?
Anyone want to clue me in on the 900 series treks? I have a 950 and that is set up for bowhunting. I'd like to build up a tourer. What is the difference in the 900 series frames other than lugging and NS os suspension? I'll add brazeons etc. I'd like to have 1 1/8 stem too. Thanks:thumb:i

mudboy 01-29-12 11:46 AM

Assuming you're talking about the steel mountain bike line, the frames were all identical, and only differed by the component least during the time that I worked at a Trek dealer during the 90's.

JohnDThompson 01-29-12 03:38 PM

Over the years Trek has recycled model numbers on very different bikes (I'm not sure why -- it's not as if there's a shortage of numbers available, after all). The original 900 series frames from the 1970s were racing geometry with a fastback seat cluster. In the early 80s, the racing geometry was retained, but the seat stays attached to the sides of the seat lugs rather than behind it. By the mid-80s, the fastback style was reintroduced using an investment cast seat lug. And by the 90s, the 900 series designated an off-road style bike.

unterhausen 01-29-12 05:07 PM

if the frame I have is any indication, the 950 wasn't exactly a high-end mountain bike. I was used to the 900 being the top of the line, I thought it made no sense to name a cheap mountain bike the same thing.

Captain Blight 02-12-12 07:39 AM

Bowhunting? How on earth does one rig a bike for that?

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