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ilex150 02-13-12 04:58 AM

Help For Steel Frame pls!
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Hi all,

I've have a situation with a Frame of mine. Its a lugged 4130 steel frame.

One of the lugs is bizarrely producing a grease like substance or so I think, i'm not sure what's happening hence why i'm asking here. I've also Pictured a lug that seems fine to compare.

Photos Below,

All help much appreciated :thumb:


Andrew R Stewart 02-13-12 08:03 AM

I doubt that the steel, paint or chrome (or are the lugs "SS) are producing any substances (other then rust). However if there is a crack at the lug's edge grease from the inside can ooze through. Also being a "corner" of sorts the lug edge can catch grime from nearby outside sources. I would first clean, examine and see how long/whether this stuff reappears. Next i would remove the fork and look at the insides of the head tube for the same stuff and any evidence of a crack. has any one with experience seen this yet?

I have seen lug sockets that were not well brazed that "delaminate" and then the paint cracks allowing rust (or even allow the flux that was never cleaned off to emerge) and such form. Keep us informed on this and what you find.

hueyhoolihan 02-13-12 01:29 PM

maybe somebody "packed" the headtube like a wheel bearing on a car?

tuz 02-13-12 08:30 PM

Is there brazing material between the lug and tube at that spot? Try to slip a piece of paper or some shim stock.

unterhausen 02-13-12 09:06 PM

it appears to me that the brazing has failed. Those lugs had minimal surface area, and a lot of people had trouble with them

ilex150 02-14-12 04:43 AM

Thx all for the reply's,

I've Cleaned the area up and had a good look at it using a Jewelers Gemstone Magnifying Tool and theres quite clearly a hairline crack running along most of the area :(

I live 30 mins from Roberts Cycles Shop here in the UK so I'm gonna see what they say.

Many thx for your help

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