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hotbike 02-16-12 12:02 PM

Carbon Bike Design Protocols

This just appeared in my "daily feed". It's from

It is only Two (2) pages, as a pdf. It was originally published in German, but is shown here translated into English.

I hope this will help any Framebuilder who is working on a Carbon Fiber Ladies Bicycle, although the illustration shows a Mens Bike.


"....With ANSYS Composite PrepPost, the stiffness and resistance characteristics of fiber-reinforced bicycle components can be optimally adapted to meet design requirements; furthermore, design efficiency is significantly improved. Compared to typical trial-and-error development methods used in the bicycle industry, the number of cost- and time-intensive physical prototypes was greatly reduced."

I don't know what this Ansys Software costs, but with the price of Carbon Fiber, it should be well worth it, given the chance of a failure using trial-and-error methods.

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