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intlman 04-14-12 04:05 PM

dip in tube before lug, new frame, normal?
I have a new Soma Van Ness frame, never been used before, I noticed
a small dip/indent on the left side of the downtube just before the head tube
lug. It obviously wasn't caused by external forces after it was made, I'm
fairly positive the tube was like this before construction or happened because
of a clamp or jig. It is very very shallow and again, isn't a "dent" that happened
after it was painted. You can't really see it well but if you run your finger over
it you can feel it. There is also the same thing on the left side of the seat tube
just under the seat cluster lug, and that one I can feel on the inside of the tube
as well with my finger. Again, very slight. Since they are both just before going
into lugs it makes me think it has something to do with how they were held
by a clamp or something. On both areas the seam with the lugs is perfect
and the tubes are perfectly round at the point of connection with the lug, the
indents are just before them by about a centimeter.

Is this something that is somewhat common? I know it's not completely
normal, as this is only on two areas and not the all the tubes/connections.
My instincts say neither is a big deal as they are ever so slight, but is this
in any way a sign of poor construction? I know I know, pictures... but
I'd just like to know if this has been seen before by others or if this is
something that sometimes happens when joining the tubes.


unterhausen 04-14-12 05:33 PM

the one up by the seat lug is pretty common due to heat. Production bikes tend to get manhandled a little, it's not too surprising that they aren't perfect. There may be some undercutting due to cleanup. Also buckling during alignment is a possibility

intlman 04-14-12 10:29 PM

Thanks for the reply. I know that it's not ideal, and when you say it may be due
to too much heat that also is not good, do you think those slight deformaties
are unacceptable enough that you would exchange it for another? Or is it
something i shouldn't worry about and just ride it?

intlman 04-14-12 10:40 PM

Also, it seems like it's not a buckle because there is no "out" bulge on the ridge of the indent
or anything on the opposite side of the tube.. again, it is very very slight, probably less than
a half millimeter to a milliter dip, about a 3/4 cm long/wide. It seems like over heating as you
mentioned. I have the opportunity to exchange it, involves shipping it back, but as there is
nothing else wrong with it I worry about getting another one that may have something
wrong with it that bothers me more. Anyway, enough rambling.

unterhausen 04-15-12 06:40 AM

Hard to advise about returning it without seeing the defects. I probably would.

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