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puchfinnland 04-15-12 01:08 PM

question for framebuilders
I am in the process of refinishing my classic 79 Puch frame.
currently the paint is being stripped.

question- the small holes that are there for gasses to escape while the frame is brazed,
both fork legs top and bottom,
both rear leg tubes top and bottom
are they still necessary? I was thinking of filling them with bondo before going to the painter, my opinion is that moisture wont get in, rust wont come out, and any traces of paint stripper can hind in there anymore.

thanks for opinions

fietsbob 04-15-12 04:24 PM

If you can put in something to inhibit rust with an interior coating, and
heat things up so You don't bottle up condensation, that may be good.

Andrew R Stewart 04-15-12 06:46 PM

There have been many debates about this in other forums. I have found the important thing is to not surprise my painter with hidden holes (that sand can trickle out of after blasting and during the spraying...) Really if the frame is well cleaned out (a question with any frame, production of hand done) then it shouldn't matter much. As long as moisture can't get in! This last bit is the biggy as moisture gets past bearings and posts all the time. Having access and the ability to wash out, dry out and induce Frame Saver keeps the future options open. Andy.

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