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onedish 12-28-12 12:45 AM

bella ciao corvo cita uomo
Does anyone know if the frame is high-ten or cro-moly? Hard to tell from their site.


Andrew R Stewart 12-28-12 09:59 AM

Did I miss something? What frame? Andy.

unterhausen 12-28-12 11:27 AM

if you google the term bella ciao corvo cita uomo you will find it. My understanding is that Italian laws are loose on what "made in Italy" actually means. Could be a generic Taiwanese frame that they put decals on in Italy. If they don't specify tubing, assume the worst

GrayJay 12-28-12 07:03 PM

they list the weight of the corvo cita model as 31 pounds but give no hint of the tubing.

Same page list the very similar looking Ingengere model as made from double-butted Columbus Cromor tubing and weight as 24 pounds. Probably safe to assume that corvo cita is not made from similar pipes.

Andrew R Stewart 12-28-12 08:06 PM

I like context. Andy.

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