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Hausnfranz 02-28-13 04:13 PM

Jiggernaught frame jig - anyone try it?
Hello all,

I've always wanted to build a frame and found this low-cost jig that can be ordered and then assembled. Has anyone used it before, and what's your feedback? I like the idea of purchasing something that just needs to be assembled...

Original Kickstarter with video:


unterhausen 02-28-13 05:51 PM

I have to say that the only advantage to that thing is the fact that you can buy it and put it together. I don't like the design and I don't think the people that sell it had enough experience making bikes before they put it on kickstarter. I'm sure they did well with it because a lot of people want to build a bike some day.

It's about the same money as it takes to build a fixture out of 80/20 aluminum strut (I would actually go with Misumi). And the aluminum strut will work better and still be worth something if you decide not to pursue framebuilding. There are a batch of threads about this thing out on the web, I think there is one here too.

unterhausen 02-28-13 05:54 PM

actually, there were two threads here about it.

Don't think anyone here will admit to having one, could be wrong

Thread 1
Thread 2

Thread 1 is more complete

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