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Cynikal 07-01-13 11:03 AM

Looking for Rack ends
I'm looking for the mounting ends like the ones pictured below. I can't seem to find them. Anyone have any ideas?

Live Wire 07-01-13 11:27 AM

Those are made by Brett Fleming of EVT

Cynikal 07-01-13 12:01 PM

Thanks. He doesn't list them on his website. I'll drop him a line and ask how much they are and if they are available.

unterhausen 07-01-13 03:23 PM

I always thought that the evt ends would make for an expensive rack. There is a picture of one on his flickr stream, i thought he used to have them on the website
Paragon also sells rack ends:

Cynikal 07-02-13 09:15 AM

Thanks unterhausen. Those Paragon ends are also expensive.

unterhausen 07-02-13 10:33 AM

Yeah, I got some ends from Eric at Winter. They are basically just a tab with a hole in the end, so the tubing has to be slotted. Well worth the price though, making a tab like that takes some time. I tried to talk him into stainless ends, but haven't heard anything about that. Now that I don't have an easy source of powder coat, stainless racks make a lot more sense to me

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