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bititan 07-18-13 11:37 PM

Looking for Columbus MAX BB shell
Anyone know where I can find a Columbus MAX BB shell? Tried the usual places (Ceeway, Nova, Bringheli) but no luck.


fietsbob 07-20-13 01:37 PM

have the tube set already?

For the cast BB shells, did you shop the tube Outside diameters ? for the fit into the shell .

Scooper 07-20-13 01:51 PM

The only ones I've seen recently are being sold as part of a complete tubeset at $1,000 or more. I think you'll be very lucky to find one available by itself, and even then it'll be pricey.

If you've already got the tubeset, you might just use a generic BB shell and either fillet braze or TIG weld the tubes to it.

bititan 07-22-13 10:48 PM

I have the tubeset, the other lugs and fork crown. Just missing the BB shell. Doing a fillet BB is my last resort as it would be nice to do it all lugged. Oh search continues!

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