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The Armand 11-25-13 12:04 PM

Is my frame damaged beyond use?
Hey everyone,

Had someone back into my car with my bike on my trunk rack. The only damage is at the seat tube, which got crushed pretty badly. I had this frame setup as a tourer/commuter, but I'm wondering if I set it up with some laidback upright city bars and just use it as a cruiser with no heavy loads, would it be safe to ride? I weigh a 155 lb's. The bike is a 1981 Univega Speciallissima, tange 2 tubing.

Thanks in advance.

unterhausen 11-25-13 02:13 PM

if that's the only damage, then yes, it's safe to use

The Armand 11-26-13 03:59 PM

Anyone with a second opinion? Is there really no risk at all?

bikemig 11-26-13 04:57 PM

I saw this thread when the OP first posted and didn't write anything as I have no expertise in frames. Personally I know I wouldn't ride a frame that had been compromised like this though. That's a beautiful frame but there are plenty of other good quality steel frames out there. Did the driver who hit you pay damages? If so, buy a new steel frame from Soma or Surly or another similar company and transfer the parts over.

Dave Kirk 11-26-13 05:52 PM

I doubt it will come apart without warning and hurt you - I also doubt it will ride straight and as it should. As sad as it is I'd put it out to pasture.


10 Wheels 11-26-13 05:56 PM

I would feel secure as long as you are the one riding it.

fietsbob 11-26-13 05:56 PM

check that the centerline runs down the middle of the frame and the front and rear wheels track straight

theoretically with a heavy steel round nosed bar , repeatedly slammed down inside the seat tube,

your frame repair technician, may be able to help you bang out the dent, a bit,

and straighten the tube out, somewhat.

Andrew R Stewart 11-26-13 10:10 PM

I doubt that the frame will have any issues if you continue to use it. Steel is pretty forgiving to bends (and a dent is a bend inward). I agree that the frame should be checked for alignment (and NOT using the seat tube for reference). As to punching out the dents. Sure if you really want, but there are times when less repair is better. Andy.

JohnDThompson 11-26-13 10:17 PM

Steel frame? Should be ok.

The Armand 11-28-13 09:46 AM

Thanks for the replies everyone, sincerely appreciate it.

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