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lmar77 11-25-13 12:06 PM

retrofit ti frame for travel
I've got a Ti frame that apparently has a down tube that is too oval to fit S&S couplers.
Any chance someone on here knows about a frame builder that could install couplers like ritchey makes?
Also, maybe a simple clamping system could be installed like the "old" panasonic bikes had?
Thanks for the help!

unterhausen 11-25-13 02:12 PM

are you sure about that? I would ask bilenky (assuming you are within shipping distance)

lmar77 11-26-13 11:04 AM

i checked with bilenky, he confirmed that the down tube is to oval for S&S coupler.
can't believe that there is no bike builder out there that can make this work... :-(

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