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Koldun 12-25-13 02:50 PM

Columbus fork blades and disk brakes

Did anybody make fork with Columbus 28/19-12.5 Cromor/Zona blades and mechanical disk brake? Will it be strong enough?

Andrew R Stewart 12-25-13 07:31 PM

I haven't but have read of many forks built for road bikes (and Avid BB7s). Most seem to say that the forks are too light/flexi for disk brakes. Seen a few shots of unraked blades. Maybe two posts said all went well for them. the general consensus is that "standard" road blades are too light weight/skinny. Running a stiffener gusset up the backside of the blade from the caliper mounts helps to distribute the stress to a portion of the blade with a larger section. Andy.

BenCooper 12-26-13 03:21 AM

I make lots - but for 16" wheels. If it was for larger wheels, I'd keep the blades straight and use the Paragon extended disc mount or something similar, but only really for road use.

tuz 12-26-13 07:19 AM

I've sure some people have done it but I wouldn't; the disk acts on the weak, small diameter part of the blade. Basically in an emergency stop the torque from braking is wheel radius times your weight, and I usually use less torque to rake the blades in the first place. Some people have had success using a long brazed reaction arm like Andy suggested.

Barrettscv 12-26-13 08:36 AM

I have a CROMOR fork on a Cyclocross bike with cantilever brakes. Stopping with cantilever brakes is poor due to fork flex. Disc brakes would compound the problem.

Koldun 12-26-13 08:37 AM


I think, is the only way.

ksisler 12-27-13 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by Koldun (Post 16359427)

OP; The ones you are asking about will flop around a lot and will likely unwind in use fairly soon. That will result in a frightful final ride.

+10 Diddo's on Koldun's input. The Nova blades are up to the task at the cost of only a few extra ounces total. Nova also sells tandem strength ones if you need even more grunt (just search for Tandem in their search box to find their fork crown and blades intended for that level of duty)


Koldun 01-22-14 04:55 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I have contacted with Adriana from Columbus and she replied my, that they had used Columbus Cromor fork blades on their Cinelli Supercorsa disk brake prototype. She told, it's no problem to use disk brake with curved blades.
I think, I'll try to make Cromor curved fork with a very long caliper mount.
Here is Cinelli:

fietsbob 01-24-14 10:45 PM

Thorn in UK has a statement on disc mounts, they will only consider straight blades..

might go a bit thicker tube wall on the brake side.

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