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Dang 12-30-13 02:34 AM

Can you salvage old lugs off old frames
Anyway can you do that? Reuse lugs from trashed bikes?:bike2:

Dave Kirk 12-30-13 08:58 AM

Yes you can..........whether you want to is another matter.

The number of hours to pull the tubes and then clean up the lugs is a big number and one needs to ask if it is worth it. And in the end the lugs have been heated at least twice and have been sanded and filed to death to get them clean and ready to reuse.

I would say that if the lugs are rare and important then it might warrant the time and effort - otherwise lugs just aren't that expensive and it would be better to buy some new ones.

The possible exception might be if you are totally new to building and you are just looking to expand your knowledge and skill and then I would say hack that old bike up and see what you can do - you have nothing to lose and you will learn something from going through the process.

I hope that helps -


JohnDThompson 12-30-13 08:07 PM

In principle, yes. In practice, it's generally more trouble than it's worth.

Andrew R Stewart 12-30-13 10:32 PM

Like many possibilities in frame building this, reusing lugs (or other parts) is something one should try. And learn why one won't do it again... My recycling is reserved to the thicker parts, like Shimano UF drop outs. Andy.

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