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TiHabanero 01-18-14 03:40 PM

Road tubing use on mountain bike
I plan to use a track tube set I have (70's era Columbus track tubes) to build up a 29er.

I am not an aggressive rider and recall the silly light rigid atb frames of the 90's and really liked the slightly flexible feel.

Are there any experienced builders out there that have witnessed fractured road frame tubes used on mtb frames? If so, where did the failures occur?

unterhausen 01-18-14 06:48 PM

really depends on the size of the bike. MTB frames take some extra pounding at the seat tube/top tube/ seat stay junction, at least judging from the broken frames I see at the bike shop. And they also take a pretty good pounding from the fork, there have been some well-known failures at the head tube.

Andrew R Stewart 01-18-14 07:33 PM

A road tube set will be fine, until it isn't. Andy.

TiHabanero 01-19-14 05:36 AM


Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart (Post 16422498)
A road tube set will be fine, until it isn't. Andy.

Good response. Building shall commence shortly.

MassiveD 01-19-14 05:38 PM

So you are basically building a cross bike... Sounds like MTB tubes or nothing...

ftwelder 01-21-14 05:48 AM

Your down tube will be too short.

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