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MassiveD 01-19-14 05:42 PM

SS BBs with 4130
Back before I had even the slightest idea what I was doing, I bought some SS BBs for welded or brazed construction. There were only a few bucks each, the tubing is slighter, and the machining was nicer. Overall, looks like an upgrade, if the process, either welding or some kind of brazing, would allow one to use them. Welding is somewhat easy. Brazing, there is probably some Brazage or silver option. Though silver is sorta out of style these days. Anyone use these? I was thinking it would be good for rust resistance, and such.

ftwelder 01-21-14 05:46 AM

I haven't used one but as a guy who fabricates with stainless steel, I would use a heat sink when welding and use new or fresh taps to chase the threads. Stainless can be very nasty stuff.

You can TIG steel to stainless with 316 alloy filler.

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