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beckieanne 01-21-14 05:02 PM

Sn location
Hello all

several months back my husband bought a new ( for him any way) bike, from the local collective. Now when the went to register it they could not find a serial number on it at all ( they spent 15 min trying to) in the end they just etched one on the bb with a dentist pick. my question is this , where would this number be , the model of the bike is a Univega Rover St.

thanks in advance


Andrew R Stewart 01-21-14 05:33 PM

Serial numbers can be found in a variety of locations. On the head tube or it's lugs, on the DT down near the BB shell, on the BB shell, On the ST down near the BB shell or by the top, on the chain stays, on the rear drop outs, on the fork's steerer. These are the locations I have found SNs at. There are more locations that i just haven't had to deal with yet. Andy.

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