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c_dinsmore 02-16-14 07:51 PM

Any chance of repairing this fork?
I just got this Rossin Prestige on ebay. The seller hadn't noticed this crack in the fork, so now we're renegotiating the transaction. He seems very accommodating and willing to make things right. So, my friend is a framebuilder ( and says he would not even attempt a repair here. Of course I know he's correct. I mean, the crown is cracked - you can see it spread a little when you flex the blades or steerer tube. But I have a little hope that maybe somebody here will disagree, and say that maybe it could be fixed with a new steerer and some brazing ninja skills. What say ye?

Andrew R Stewart 02-16-14 08:28 PM

I wasn't able to open the photos to take a look. But your friend is likely right. The consequence of a failure with a crown is pretty severe. Remember the fork is the only frame piece that is only joined at one end. Andy.

dsaul 02-17-14 06:52 AM

Your friend is correct. Cut it up and throw it away.

Andrew R Stewart 02-17-14 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by dsaul (Post 16502101)
Your friend is correct. Cut it up and throw it away.

Or make a truing stand form the old fork. Andy.

c_dinsmore 02-17-14 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by Andrew R Stewart (Post 16502357)
Or make a truing stand form the old fork. Andy.

Ah, I have a fork truing stand already. And it is the coolest. So I think this fork is wall art.

As I said, I knew in my real senses that it was toast, I just thought - Hey, maybe somebody has some secret magic I wasn't aware of to save it. Really kills the frame's character to have a replacement fork, even if it will ride about the same. Oh well, one less complete classic in the world.

RPK79 02-17-14 04:08 PM

Duct tape and shoe glue would totally fix it.

fietsbob 02-18-14 12:07 PM

fork crown, itself, is showing a crack .. it's done.. .

A grinding a V for the filler bead, TIG welding the crack, then re machining the crown race seat
and re machining the rear of the brake hole is, theoretically, possible,

If you had your own Machine Shop, the cost would be somewhat reduced.

tuz 02-21-14 01:34 PM

I guess everything is repairable, but in this case you would have to replace the crown and steer tube. Not much point in doing that since the crown is so characteristic.

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