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scbvideoboy 02-28-14 03:00 PM

aero tube holders
Hello, I bought some oval and pear shaped tubing, but oops didn't realize I would need special tube holders :(
Anybody know of a source?


unterhausen 02-28-14 06:45 PM

for what purpose? Do you have an old-school fixture that holds the tubes?

scbvideoboy 02-28-14 07:45 PM

No to old school fixtures. I have a precision V clamp for round tubes, would like something like the paragon aluminum tubing clamps for non round tube shapes. To hold during milling or drilling.

Scooper 02-28-14 08:13 PM

I think there are just far too many shapes and sizes to make tubing blocks for all the different variations. For example, these are just Columbus Life megatube cross-sections.

Probably your best bet is to make the blocks yourself out of hardwood.

unterhausen 03-01-14 07:17 AM

agree with Stan, I wish someone would make blocks for oval fork blades, which is a standard shape

Andrew R Stewart 03-01-14 08:04 AM

Learn to hand miter and use wood vee blocks to hold the tubes in your vice. Andy.

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