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jawnn 03-12-14 11:25 AM

Brazing w/ out lugs?
I need some tips about brazing with out lugs. Should I tack weld first?

I watched a welder do a bike, and he had a good step procedure to keep it from warping. see the red numbers:

And what is the name of the brazing material that is almost as strong as steel?

http://nhojyesdnil.files.wordpress.c...e-plan-999.jpg too bad I can not up load this picture!

fietsbob 03-12-14 12:30 PM

Fillet brazing is traditional, laying down a big smooth fillet that wont need a lot of clean up to look best
is a skill.
the fillet is where the strength is .. the brass filler in not unusual sourced.

JohnDThompson 03-12-14 02:10 PM

If you have fixturing to hold the tubes in place, tack welding is unnecessary. Standard, low-fuming bronze is just fine for fillet brazing.

velonomad 03-14-14 06:51 PM

I built one filet brazed frame in 1988 and never built another. Too much aggravation for a hobbyist. That said I still ride that bike most everyday and it is my favorite hardtail MTB.
I didn't have a jig that would allow me to braze all around the tube, So I tacked it with some nickel-silver rod that melts at a higher temp than brass rod. Worked very well.

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