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carfart 03-31-14 07:38 PM

University of Iowa Hand Built Bicycle Program
I just ran across this very recently, so I thought I'd share it. The campus in Iowa City appears to offer two classes: "Fabrication and Design: Hand Built Bicycle" and "Hand Built Bicycle II". Here's the Facebook page for more:

David Tollefson 04-01-14 04:33 AM

If only University of Washington had offered these classes back in the 80's...

fietsbob 04-04-14 04:45 PM

At current Uni tuition rates , still an expensive proposition ..

ksisler 04-16-14 10:00 AM

If nothing else it expands the awareness a bit.

More that likely it is alternative for their scholarship athletes who feel uncomfortable in yet another 400 level basket weaving course to keep their GPA up to 3.0 [;)


MassiveD 04-16-14 12:45 PM

Bike frame building 101 - University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)

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