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KBentley57 07-22-14 09:26 AM

possible to bend an antique military badge for a headtube ?
I've been trying to find a few ways of putting some finishing touches on a bike I've been building for a while, and I was thinking about using an antique military crest as a headtube badge, for a few different historical reasons. Would it be possible to bend something like this -> Walter Reed Army Medical Center Unit Crest | eBay without the paint cracking? Any tips?

squirtdad 07-22-14 12:01 PM

I think any bending will crack paint or break the badge.

I would make a a backing for the badge. Think metal/wood/epoxy/plastic curved to match the head tube curver and built up and flat for the badge.

Scooper 07-22-14 12:12 PM

That looks like it's cast 'pot metal' and would probably fracture if bent to the radius of a typical head tube.

KBentley57 07-24-14 07:27 AM

Thanks for the tips guys, I'll continue looking until I find one I like, possibly a sterling pin, or something easier to work with. I called a local jeweler and they were willing to help with the shaping, provided it could be shaped.

Else the curved backing sounds like a great idea, and probably wouldn't be exceptionally thick with a 1" pin or so.

fietsbob 07-24-14 11:37 AM

the enamel glass inlay woud all come out in pieces ..

Decent stamped brass can be annealed , and then bent after that , once.
Formed around say a steel round tubing .. to use a soft, like rawhide hammer, to push it around .

maybe overlay it with a piece of leather to save raised details ..

I Have Art Metal Pieces made in Copper & non ferrous sheet, now in, like, hemispheres ..

By cold working and annealing repeatedly ..

maybe your jeweler contact can make some badge, custom , just for you.. people do that ..

technique : an old art metal technique .

Non Ferrous metal sheet is pushed up from the reverse side then the lines are defined from the front.

Jseis 07-24-14 07:16 PM

Make a lost wax cast out of that flexy stuff, then bend the mold, refill. Or 3D print a laser scanned badge and computer bend it, then 3D print a plastic one and use that to make a cast.

XC204 08-18-14 05:39 AM

Here are a few links for head badges from the other site I'm on
Making My Own Head Badges | Rat Rod Bikes
HEADBADGES | Page 3 | Rat Rod Bikes

KBentley57 08-18-14 06:09 AM


Originally Posted by XC204 (Post 17046865)

Thanks for the links, I'll be sure and read through each of them.

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