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rcschafer 07-22-14 01:29 PM

RIP Tom Teesdale
I've been following the 2014 RAGBRAI and saw this sad news posted today.

Update: Custom bike builder died on RAGBRAI | RAGBRAI

Tue, Jul 22, 2014 | by Des Moines Register Share

UPDATE, 1:30 P.M.: Tom Teesdale of West Branch, well known for his work building custom bicycle frames, is the man who died Monday while riding RAGBRAI.

Teesdale, 63, was recognized internationally for his designs.

RAGBRAI officials said Teesdale was treated on the route between Terril and Graettinger because of a medical condition and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

He owned and operated his own business, TET Cycles, out of a warehouse in West Branch where he sold custom bikes, including cyclocross, mountain, road and tandem.

Steve McGuire, 3D Design and Metal Arts professor and head of dimensional practice at the University of Iowa School of Studio Arts, said Tuesday that Teesdale’s son called him to tell him of the death.

McGuire said that Teesdale was a visiting professor at the university, and that he first met him when Teesedale designed a custom bike for his adult son, who has cerebral palsy.

“I regarded him as a great friend, a mentor,” he said. “He just knew so much.”

RAGBRAI director T.J. Juskiewicz released a written statement: “The thoughts and prayers of the entire RAGBRAI Nation are with the family who lost a loved one while he was enjoying RAGBRAI.”

– Aly Brown, Iowa City Press-Citizen

ORIGINAL STORY: A 63-year-old man died while riding RAGBRAI on Monday, said RAGBRAI Medical Director Bob Libby.

The man died due to a medical condition and not from a traumatic injury, though Libby said he did not know the exact cause of death.

The man had a medical issue while he was riding on the RAGBRAI route near Graettinger, Libby said.

A trauma surgeon, nurse, critical care paramedic on a medical motorcycle and an ambulance that carries a nurse, paramedic and physician all tended to the man, Libby said.

“The highest level of care was provided to him,” Libby said.

The man was taken to Palo Alto County Hospital in Emmetsburg, where he later died.

The last time a rider died during RAGBRAI was in 2010 when a rider collided with another cyclist and suffered a head injury.

Stephen Briggs, 68, of Waverly was riding in a group when he collided with another bike and was thrown off. The incident occurred south of Charles City on July 29. Twenty-nine people have died in 42 years of RAGBRAI.

Steele-Bike 07-27-14 03:32 PM

The loss of Tom Teesdale will be felt for a long time. There is no doubt his frames and his skills will be cherished for years to come.

Tom lived only three blocks from me in West Branch, IA. I never managed to meet him, but I did have an email exchange with him a couple of months ago. I expressed interest in seeing his shop and he invited me over. Unfortunately, my work and family schedule have been busy this summer, so I never made it there. As I get older, I'm definitely seeing that if there is something one wants to do, don't procrastinate.

stevel610 07-27-14 08:06 PM

Prayers said for him and those close to him.

unterhausen 07-27-14 08:54 PM

too bad you didn't get to meet him and see his shop. I had heard the name, but didn't realize he was from the Iowa City area. I wonder if I met him BITD. RIP

polyrhythmia 07-29-14 11:58 AM

I knew him for over 30 years. Back in 83 helped him to move to Downey Iowa. Would oftentimes go see him when I was in Iowa City area. I regret not having him build me a frame or two. Last saw him in June. Sure will miss him.

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