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ccm_Tabu 04-16-05 09:20 PM

Okay I maybe weird for this but...I got cards taped to my bike and on my spokes so they sound like a motorbike when at a good rate of speed :rolleyes: . So my cards wore out after a good couple days or so of biking. So I wonder does anyone got any other ideas to make it really loud?. I know it sounds like I am craving attention for other people along the road to notice me but I'm not, I just like it, LOL. :p

gritface 04-16-05 10:34 PM

As kids we didn't bother with the cards. Drive over an aluminum can so it wraps around your knobbies and gets stuck behind your fork. That way you spare your spokes, of course you also want to think about sparing your head when it gets jammed and you endo.

PWRDbyTRD 04-16-05 10:48 PM

get an air horn and just hold it open...

operator 04-16-05 10:53 PM

You want a turbo spoke.,00.html

blue_neon 04-17-05 01:46 AM

Run over a empty can, get it in your tread and slowly roll forward. Can will sit just behind fork and pedal fast...very VERY loud noise. Only done it once, afraid it might get jamed somewhere.

ccm_Tabu 04-17-05 08:35 AM

I've tried that, after a bit it wears out the tire.

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