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casong 04-25-05 09:13 AM

Hello, I have a red bike helmet in excellent condition but my bike is blue. Any recommendations on what medium to paint it another color? It is a Giro, circa 2002, and is made of some polycarbonate type material. The inside label says to avoid harsh solvents to wash it, but of course, I don't care much about the exisiting finish. Thanks

Moonshot 04-25-05 09:24 AM

I've done it before and it didn't hurt anything, but I removed the shell from the styrofoam before I painted mine.

Click here for an earlier discussion on this.

Moochers_Dad 04-25-05 10:07 AM

Some paints can chemically react with polycarbonate compounds, causing the outer shell to decompose.

That being said; use automobile urethane paint. Dupli-Color.

pj7 04-25-05 11:21 AM

... and you can use globs of petroleum jelly to keep the paint of areas that do not need it, works much better than adhesive tapes

MediaCreations 04-25-05 05:21 PM

Just be assured that if you do paint your helmet you will void any kind of guarantee that comes with the helmet.

Even though you may not be able to see any damage to the helmet from painting it, it may weaken the structure. That means that you could end up with a helmet that could fail when it is most needed.

My advice? Buy a blue helmet.

HaagenDas 04-25-05 05:27 PM

I would use automotive acrylic used by airbrush artists.

becnal 04-26-05 05:41 AM

Paint your bike red.

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