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Recovery needs?

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Recovery needs?

I've heard that after a strenuous workout it's important to eat something shortly after the ride is finished.
I can see the wisdom in this, but I really don't feel like eating anything for a while.
Is it really that important?
If so, what would be the most important nutrients to quickly replenish
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If you plan to ride the next day, it is more important since it will shorted your recovery time. The optimal time frame is within one hour. You need a combination of carbs and protein. Currently, drinking chocolate milk is in vogue.

I personally drink a protein shake using chocolate almond milk, protein powder and yogurt.
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Your body needs protein and some carbs. Eat some yogurt or drink some chocolate milk.
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It's important if you have a heavy training load, perhaps 15+ hrs a week. If you aren't planning a long workout the next day it's less important. There is a 30min window after exercise where glycogen replacement is faster. That doesn't mean you can't replenish your glycogen stores by eating later, it just takes a little longer. So if you're doing back to back 3-4 hr hard rides then you should make an effort to eat some carbs with a little protein after exercise. Most people can just eat normally and they'll be fine.
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You don't need to eat right away within minutes after your workout. You can wait for 30-60 minutes before eating. The most important nutrients to eat after your workout are protein and carbs. The amount of carbs and protein will depend on what type of workout you did , the intensity of your workout and the length of your workout. It's not uncommon for some people to have more the one recovery meal, if their workout or event was very strenuous.
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Depending on the intensity of workout, and overall training plan (if there is one), it can also be an excuse to eat.
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In general, it is best to eat about two hours before a ride if it is to be a strenuous ride. The reasons for this are that digestion diverts blood flow from muscles to the digestive process. The second reason is that a full stomach interferes with breathing. So eating depends on the type of ride and how much is eaten. If doing, say, a club tide of 3 to 4 hours, you should be ready to eat some protein, to rebuild damaged muscle, and carbs to replace muscle glycogen. This after ride meal should take place very soon, 1/2 hour to 1 hour after the ride. This does not mean a full 5 course meal. There are prepared recovery drinks with the recommended proportions of protein and carbs which are easy to ingest. Many people like plain chocolate milk.

If you are doing hard rides you should look into recovery processes. Lots of info available online.
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I've been eating a couple of t-spoons of almond butter with some flavored yogurt.
Sounds like a "good enough" routine.
thanks for the feedback
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After a hard, hot ride... orange juice over ice with some BCAAs mixed in.
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A couple of beers can make you feel better after a ride.
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I must not be riding hard enough (6-7 days a week, 170-190 miles per week) because my recovery regime is drink lots of water and maybe have a cookie or two after lunch. Meaning I have no recovery regime whatsoever. Tomorrow will be my 12th ride in 11 days, should be about 100, and I have no special plans after... because I generally feel fine after a liter or two of plain water.

I think (as some have alluded to) that it's more about duration than intensity. My rides are relatively high intensity, but 80% fall under 2 hours in duration, and I would say a full third fall into the 60-75 minute area. So if your rides are shorter in length, recovery doesn't seem to play as big a role. I mean, I'm still alive. I think.
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