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Raffle_Snaffle 09-22-15 09:53 PM

Help pricing out a road bike
Hello everyone,

All suggestions are welcomed, but please be respectful.

I've got a 2013 Cannondale Caad10 road bike I bought in late May. I only road the bike for 4.5 months, probably put 300+ miles on the bike since I've owned it.
One of my buddies I go riding with wanted to purchase my bike... As of lately we have been discussing pricing. We agreed to a price or at least I thought we agreed, but there was some miscommunication on both parts. I accepted his $850.00 offer for the bicycle without the riding shoes... I told him I throw in my shoes for $900.00, not for $850.00. So now he is re-evaluating his thoughts and doing some more research.

I've got the bike listed right now online. The bike is in good condition or at least I think it's in good condition. The bikes got aftermarket seat (sella italia),
shimano 105 crank shaft, shimano gears, shimano 105 brakes, shimano 105 wheels, shimano 105 shifter and derailleur, Lite Racing aero bars, shimano 105 pedals, etc. Pretty much shimano 105 everything.

Thank you all for your input.

AlmostTrick 09-22-15 09:59 PM

(???) If he's a riding buddy I certainly wouldn't be concerned over $50 on a 850 dollar bike.

Dave Cutter 09-22-15 10:07 PM

Sounds low to me.

ColaJacket 09-23-15 12:15 PM

Originally Posted by AlmostTrick (Post 18186676)
(???) If he's a riding buddy I certainly wouldn't be concerned over $50 on a 850 dollar bike.

I agree. See if he'll take the $850, or $875, or flip a coin for the difference, or Rock/Paper/Scissors.


Elvo 09-23-15 01:04 PM

That's a good price, you are getting a good deal.

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