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BikeBuyer 10-06-15 02:23 PM

Gloves for long hands?
I always have a hard time with gloves, but it seems cycling gloves are made for the especially stumpy fingered. For frame of reference, I need something that fits like a Giro XXL in length but like a Giro L in width. Any recommendations?

Squeeze 10-06-15 03:29 PM

Check out your local hardware store, tool store, lumberyard, or big-box home improvement store for mechanics gloves. That's where I get my cycling gloves and I've noticed the big stores like Lowe's and Home Depot tend to have a huge selection of gloves, usually in the tool department. Generally they're cheaper than similar gloves sold in cycling stores as well, and some come in high visibility colors, too.

BikeBuyer 10-06-15 06:23 PM

Still wouldn't work. For my motorcycling, I have to order gloves from Germany because it's impossible to find gloves that are long enough. Mechanix sent me a few pairs of long skinny prototypes, but never put them into production, and I covet them too much for car work to wear them out cycling.

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