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RFEngineer 10-11-15 01:15 PM

Disc/Quick Release Overstated Risk?
I am looking for a winter commuter. I am considering this bike (don't get started on BD):

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How much of a risk is it that the front wheel can eject from the dropouts under hard braking with a quick-release axle? Is the move to through-axles just something new to promote bike purchases? I get that it might be marginally safer, but is there a risk in the first place? Thanks!


DrIsotope 10-11-15 01:21 PM

The risk is proportionate to the level of care/maintenance put into the bike. I've never once worried about kicking the front wheel out under braking, but then again I also make sure my QRs are tight before riding out. Forks now all have the "lawyer lips" anyway, so you'd most likely know something was wrong before the whole wheel came out.

fietsbob 10-11-15 01:29 PM

Get the QR properly closed, Tightly. put the lever on the side opposite the side of the wheel the disc is Mounted on .

Engineering wise .. when you put the brake on the new torque center is Your disc Pads.

Companies and custom builders have adapted in non standard ways like putting the caliper on the front of the right fork blade..

torque then pushes the axle more into the dropout,,

Or the fork dropout is open to the front , so downward motion is blocked.

but mass producers, as said , add the Lawyer lips, or deeper recesses in the making of suspension forks.

dynaryder 10-12-15 05:04 PM

Also never had an issue with QR's loosening on my disc bikes. Make sure they're properly tightened and closed,and you shouldn't have any issues.

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