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trevorharris 01-06-16 06:51 AM

Bike Trainer question
Hey all,

So I'm looking to get a trainer for this winter and I have a question. I've been eyeing the two linked below, but they both say that they're "Not compatible with a quick release bike". Don't all self-respecting road bikes have a quick release skewer? I feel like I must seriously misunderstand what they're talking about. Its also noteworthy that the 7th pic in the first trainer shows a quick release skewer hooked up to the trainer!

While we're are it, any thoughts on one versus the other?

Thanks so much!

Trainer 1

Trainer 2

spdracr39 01-06-16 09:03 AM

I believe what they are meaning to say is you must use a trainer Skewer instead of the standard QR skewer. Both look pretty normal to me.

LuckySailor 01-07-16 10:22 AM

Never heard of a trainer skewer. Googled it, and it is a specially designed QR for certain trainers, to keep the wheel securely in place in the trainer-rather than falling out and the rider toppling over! I've never fallen over out of my trainer, but I guess it happens. Today was a success-I learned something, and it's only 10 am!

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