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bobbyl1966 02-14-16 07:57 PM

groupset ultegra 6500
i need opinions in ultegra 6500 groupset. is much better than tiagra groupset year 2003? And what is the difference from groupset shimano 105. And is worth to replace in bike the tiagra groupset have now with the ultegra 6500 groupset?

Spaghetti Legs 02-14-16 09:51 PM

The Shimano hierarchy from the early 2000's - Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105, Tiagra.

Generally, but not always, the technology is trickle down so that the stuff from one year is roughly equivalent to the next level stuff from a couple of years before. Ultegra is good but hard to say if you should replace your Tiagra with it. If it doesn't cost too much and you're not happy with the Tiagra, maybe so.

bobbyl1966 02-14-16 10:06 PM

Thank you for the answer. I have one ultegra groupset used from ebay. I have two bikes the one is steel greg lemond tourmalet 2002 have tiagra groupset. The other bike is aluminium cannondale R300. is have downtube shifthers with exage groupset that bike is i think 1993. I want put brifters in the cannondale the ultegra but people tell me is better i upgrade the steel frame. i am good with the tiagra groupset. i wonder if i see improvement if i put the ultgra groupset in the steel bike and in the aluminium i put the tiagra or i not really see any difference? and onlinebike size carculator show me i need 55cm bike. my bikes the steel is 57cm the aluminum is 56cm.

Maelochs 02-14-16 10:45 PM

Depending on your source and your cost, it might be better to switch to modern Tiagra (10-speed) than older Ultegra. if you can get old Ultegra super cheap, I guess, but a few hundred bucks gets you a lot of good gear at Ribble or Merlin.

At Ribble cycles : Shimano Tiagra 4600 10 Spd Double Groupset ----- From US$262.11

For $262 you can have brand new full Tiagra 10-speed double---everything from chain to bottom bracket to brifter, cranks and cassette and derailleurs ... even brakes. Basically add a frame, saddle, seatpost, stem, and wheels and ride away.

EDIT: Whoops, sorry while I was typing all that you answered about having usd Ultegra on hand already.

Which bike fits you better? Which one do you enjoy riding more? Upgrade the best one with the best parts ... but idf you already have Tiagra on a bike you like, i doubt you'd be a lot happier switching unless you enjoy doing the work.

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