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Cjerk 02-26-16 10:01 AM

Specialized Crossroad questions from a newbie
Good morning everyone,

I know what youre thinking, here's this newbie who just created his account, and already hounding us with Its true, I will be the first to admit that Im new at this and need help. What better place to find it.

Heres my story. I hauled off some scrap metal for a guy last year, and included in the lot was several bicycles. A Cannondale m300, a Specialized Crossroads a Trek 820 and a Trek 220. The Cannondale was in great condition, and I sold it right away (stupidly, for 150.00). I sold the Trek 820 (stupidly for 100.00). I decided to keep the Specialized because it seemed more "me". The other Trek now just sits in the backyard.

I want to get the Crossroads road-ready and I need tires. The rear one has huge holes on the sides and I can hardly find any markings on them. (yes, they are in terrible condition). I did look on the rimss, and it says ARAYA 700 CPX-45 on them. Ok, like i said, im new. ive looked online to see what fits, and im even dumber now on the topic than before. Bear in mind, we were "walmart bike people" before i stumbled upon these bikes, so im used to 24", 26" tires etc. trying to cipher this is like pulling teeth online. I just need to know what tire/tubes I will need to fit this thing.

Ask someone thru facebook and you get asked a million questions in return. such as: My size, my riding skill level, the distance im going for, etc. Here are those answers. Im 5'8, 185 lbs, and I just wanna cruise around the hood with my son a few times. 5 miles per ride, tops. any suggestions?

10 Wheels 02-26-16 10:05 AM

look for 700 x 28's on sale.

Cjerk 02-26-16 10:13 AM

Thnks for the suggestions 10 Wheels. I will start looking right away.

10 Wheels 02-26-16 10:15 AM

Originally Posted by Cjerk (Post 18566047)
Thnks for the suggestions 10 Wheels. I will start looking right away.

I like the ones at Western Bike

10 Wheels 02-26-16 10:17 AM

These would work ok

TenSpeedV2 02-26-16 10:22 AM

You could visit your local bike shop (LBS) with the bike and they could get you hooked up rather quickly.

kickstart 02-26-16 10:25 AM

For casual riding, you will probably come find wider tires in the 32 to 38 mm range more comfortable, and less sensitive to inflation.

10 Wheels 02-26-16 10:36 AM

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Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 18566054)

I rode from NY to LA on 700 X 28's

kickstart 02-26-16 11:06 AM

And? Same can probably be said for most size tires. Any harm in giving a newbie options to consider?

JonathanGennick 02-26-16 11:08 AM

Specialized Crossroad questions from a newbie
I agree with Kickstart about going wider than 28mm. Otoh, it is easy to experiment with tires and try different widths within the limits o what will fit in the frame.

Edit: I looked just now in Specialized's website. The Crossroad Sport I looked at there was spec'd with 45mm wide tires. That's nice and gives you a lot of room to experiment in.

And fwiw, I would not do 28mm tires given the riding position I see in the photos. Go wider. Kickstart is right about that. IMHO.

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