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7_one_cinco 03-01-16 08:25 PM

Cyclists in Eau Claire WI?
Looking for fellow cyclists in Eau Claire, WI. I'm new to cycling so I would be looking for more beginner to moderate rides. Thanks!

steve t. 03-01-16 11:01 PM

Check around at some local bike shops. Some, to one extent or another, have group rides out of their shops, or may know where you could find some rides. I bet you'll find everything from high performers to casual rollers.

Also, check the regional forums here at BF, top of the Forums page.


dedhed 03-02-16 05:33 AM

check with UW-EC

mrodgers 03-02-16 06:11 AM

I was in Eau Claire, but it was Pennsylvania :)

VegasTriker 03-02-16 08:48 AM

You can always find bike clubs in your area by simply searching on "bicycle clubs in name of your town". If you do it for Eau Claire WI you will see at least two, one associated with UW and the other with the general area Overdrive Cycling Club - It's Not About What You Do, But Who You Do It With!". Since you are just starting out you may want to go with one that doesn't emphasize bike racing. That's the way it was in Madison a long time ago with two groups - Two Tyred Wheelmen for the bike racers and Bombay Bike Club for the recreational riders. I see the former is now gone but Bombay Bike Club still exists.

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