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Shato37 03-22-16 04:37 AM

Removing spray paint from frame
Ive sprayed my frame after being sand blasted with gray antirust primer from a spray can (probebly just normal spray paint with a fency name) and now i want to remove it. Relativly thin layer some im hoping to save the cost of another blast. Any tips?
Thanks again

BlazingPedals 03-22-16 05:44 AM

Steel wool should get it off.

Rowan 03-22-16 06:21 AM


Jadesfire 03-22-16 06:25 AM

^^ Both of the above. Don't use a heavy grade of steel wool. 000 should work.

andr0id 03-22-16 06:36 AM

Spray paint will come off with a good soak in Purple Power.

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