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Rupert2016 04-07-16 05:53 AM

KHS Bikes
Hi All

What are your thoughts, opinions and experience with KHS bikes? I may be able to get a great deal on the bike below. Also what are your thoughts on carbon frame bikes. My experience is only with aluminum.

GRIT 440 - KHS BicyclesKHS Bicycles

10 Wheels 04-07-16 05:57 AM

Go for it.

Make durn sure you understand their Warranty.

Friend had three CF's Treks break on him.

fietsbob 04-07-16 08:13 AM

KHS has a reputation from decades past , but now the prior Importer company sells the name , to different companies.

A common business practice

Has been no KHS Factory .. just a manufacturing contract with a multi brand supplier .

carbon , if you buy a new bike frequently and feel compelled buy your peers,

never buy used CF frames/ forks .. damaged ones can hide surprises. ..

Like the Dealer that sells that brand in their shop? that is more important.. they stand behind what they sell

Jarrett2 04-07-16 08:16 AM

The LBS one town over is a KHS dealer. He sells a ton of them and I ride with a few of the folks that own them.

They seem like good bikes. I don't hear any bad stories about them.

You might check on an older year model. A couple of the people I know did that. Picked a 2014 model from the catalog for example and KHS happened to have one in the warehouse and made them a smoking deal on it.

Defyme 04-07-16 08:31 AM

My first road bike was a KHS and I loved it but, that was in the early 80's.

I personally would look at the Giant brand with the the latest Shimano 105 groupset.

DrIsotope 04-07-16 08:42 AM

I have a 2014 CX100, my wife rides a 2012 Flite 500, and my nephew rides a 2013 Flite 500. KHS generally gives you more bike (component-wise) at the pricepoint when compared to another brand-- I got the wife's bike on warehouse closeout for $800 (Tiagra/105 mix), and my nephew's was just under $1000 (full 105.) So as mentioned above, definitely have your LBS check the KHS warehouse-- they still have some 2012/2013s in there.

Rupert2016 04-07-16 10:23 AM

Thanks for you comments, they are appreciated. This is last years model which I believe was the first year of this bike and It will probably have a cosmetic blemish which would allow me to get a better deal. I just was not looking to get a carbon frame primarily because they are generally way beyond my price point.

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