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Anyone taken up cycling for running?

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Anyone taken up cycling for running?

Old 04-09-16, 09:00 PM
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Way back in the day, you know back with before there were light bulbs and we all had to sit around watching TV by candlelight, anywho, I use to run 5 to 8 miles a day and did that for a while, then I added cycling into the mix and found I liked cycling better because in the amount of time it took to run 5 to 8 miles I could actually ride a bike and be somewhere! So I did both for a while, but as I got older my knees started to have some issues so I threw my running shoes over a telephone wire and rode my bike from then on.
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Old 04-10-16, 06:17 AM
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One thing I noticed is that even riding can have an effect on the knees. Mashing makes it worse. Long hill climbs too, even without mashing.
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Old 04-10-16, 06:19 AM
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Originally Posted by bargeon
Ran for yrs, decades. Still do but now on a tread mill. Wouldn't give it up.

But I get an endorphin high from a good ride like I never got from running.
The only way I was ever able to replicate a runners high was on a fixed gear bike where you can't coast.

Never, ever got the same feeling on any bike with a freewheel.
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Old 04-11-16, 06:58 AM
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I cycle for fun. My work lunches, for example, are more fun when I ride.

I lift weights and run purely for exercise. I like the weights. I don't really like running all that much even though I've been doing it consistently for decades, but it does make me feel good afterward.
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Old 04-11-16, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by jdoff
It is a bit more hassle than just changing into running gear and putting on your shoes, but once you get into the prep routine you won't even notice it.
I do both quite regularly . . . in both cases I'm just getting into the appropriate clothing and putting on the appropriate shoes. What else is there? I use a HR strap and Strava for both, I carry ID and money and phone for both. I suppose a water bottle and tire pressure check is the only difference for me.

I find I prefer to run when the weather is bad, mostly because being wet and cold at cycling speeds is more of an issue than at running speeds, and I don't like to subject my bike to the elements. In the summer, I commute to and from work about 15 miles a day AND ride or run at lunch. It's does a body good.

Don't overthink it, get out there!
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Old 04-11-16, 12:14 PM
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Went back to the Ortho today...
1. He ruled out meniscus, again, just to be sure
2. B/c it's been 5 months, he administered another cortisone shot.
3. The pain in the back of my knee he feels is a Bakers Cyst. I asked if he thinks it is a separate issue or related to the knee arthritis. He said related to knee issue and not something new. Said I need to let the 2nd shot work, rest a few more days until the pain settles and then I can get back to the gym/exercises (which I can now do at home VS. going to PT once a week). I need to focus on getting better with them at home! I also need to concentrate better on losing weight (my own conclusion, not the Dr's). I have about 25 lbs to lose (I've kept 27 off at least). But I KNOW my knees will like me better if I lose more.

My bike is currently at a sports shop for a much needed tune up. So hopefully I can ride it by this coming weekend.
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Old 04-12-16, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by TL2
I used to run to keep my scale down but my knees finally told me that's not cool. I miss it, mentally and scale wise. I've put back on some weight but not all that I had originally lost. I know that is part of my most recent knee pain. I have had knee issues since I was 27 and didn't take up running regularly until I was about 39. It was only a short lived new found passion. About 3-4 yrs long.

Recently I have been going to PT for chondromalacia/arthritis. My PT said I could run again someday as it's not out of the ? but I don't dare. I'd rather save my knees and find something different to do more long term. So I'm dusting off my mountain bike and going to start riding that again (now that my kids are older and I can leave them home alone for an hour or 2. That was part of my not using my bike the past few years).

Has anyone taken up riding their bike instead of running?
I run for a living and alternate between running and cycling. The general rule (according to my coach, whom I trust) is to cycle twice as far as you run. My schedule is: Monday: Run 15 miles - Tuesday: Cycle 30 miles - Wednesday: Run 15 miles - Thursday: Cycle 30 miles - Friday: Run 15 miles - Saturday/Sunday usually go hiking. This month is a little off since I have the Boston & Bend Marathons six days apart on the 18th & 24th so I haven't been able to cycle as much as I'd like.
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Old 04-12-16, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Doctor Morbius
It's safer for one. I can get any running I would need to do on the city sidewalks. I have to share the road with cars and the people who drive them. Also, whenever I used to run I always felt like I had a good workout. With cycling it's too easy to dawdle around. I know that's a discipline problem.
Thanks for taking the time to answer and share your thoughts. You haven't convinced me, but I appreciate the same things about running. Sometimes I even go for a run after riding because I didn't get my heart going enough on the bike. It's getting easier, at least.

Last night I ran 5k without stopping or walking.
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Old 04-17-16, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by molten
Price seems "too high" for running? THIS is what makes an excellent thread/debate alone. As (anyone knows) running is cheaper in cost, than cycling. Prove me wrong.
You LAST SENTENCE is where dispute lacks.
In why I came to search for others to speak. You are the first to say any words related to it. But just an intro.
(as we all know, cycling industry makes way toooo much profit)
If running was a sport for Me, I would choose that over cycling.
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