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knee sleeves

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knee sleeves

I have had knee problems for a few years off and on (made the mistake of running a few years ago), my knee pain has gotten worse lately and I have been off of the bike, has anyone used a knee sleeve while riding and found it to help and is there any reason I shouldn't try it. I will ask a specialist soon, but the appointment is still a while from now and I would like to be able to get riding again for an upcoming race. Any help is appreciated, also by my own research (not necessarily certain) I suspect the problem is patella tracking disorder.
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I have an ITB tracking problem and use a patellar brace with side supports. I have a couple that I rotate through.
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I have never heard the term "knee sleeve", but do you mean something like this? DonJoy "Comfort" Cartilage Knee Brace --

I blew my knee out (lateral meniscus tear) almost 2 years ago (running sprints at the track), and it doesn't look like it's going to heal: I use the inexpensive Mueller 3333 hinged knee brace, but even an ace bandage makes a big difference, so, depending on what a knee sleeve is, if your issue is patellar tracking, then anything that provides compression to the patella will help.
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I first 'blew out' (dislocated) my right knee in early 1975, and again in 1977 when I was attending Ohio State. They wanted to 'replace' my knee. The 'life' of a knee replacement was about seven years. How many of those would I have gone through in 40 years? Yes, I've blown that knee out a half-dozen times since then, and have moderate osteo-arthritis. If I get overly fatigued, it has a greater chance of going sideways. I wear a brace if I feel the need. Sometimes just a 'sleeve', but other times I use a hinged brace.

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I have occasionally achy knees. Diagnosed with arthritis in the knee. I use knee warmers when temps are lower than 65 or 70F. Just to keep the knees warm and keep the cool breeze off them. They are neoprene "sleeves" much like arm warmers. Seems to help me. the other thing I try to do is keep my cadence high and concentrate on spinning circles with my feet. When I mash high gears into the wind or up hills, I can have considerable pain later.
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There are various types of knee injuries/issues. Some relate directly to the vertical pressure on the joint, and others are more about side to side instability. Nothing, except maybe spinning lower gears at lighter loads can help with load issues. However sleeves can help stabilize the knee and that may help if that's ehat the problem is.

So the key is finding out what the problem is, then looking at a solution specifically tailored to address it.

Also, while it sounds like riding wasn't the cause, things like poor foot/cleat alignment can cause problems of their own. Years (decades) back, when In used to work with riders having issues, I'd set someone up on a trainer in front of a mirror on which I'd drawn a vertical grid. I's stand behind the rider and observe the reflection of his knee to see if it traveled vertically, or moved in or out while he pedaled.
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