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mnsam 05-05-16 12:10 PM

Front fender optons
Looking for some kind of fender option for my road bike. I generally don't ride the road bike on wet trails but my wife and I usually take one 3-4 day trip a month. Usually with a forecast of really wet weather we make other plans, however occasionally the forecast may be for a chance of scattered showers.

I'm not interested in doing full fenders since I rarely ride the bike in the rain (have a hybrid with full fenders for that) however something super quick and easy mount and remove for the front wheel would be nice for the trips with a chance of rain. I have a rear rack that does a decent job as a rear fender so I'm just looking for something quick and easy for the front wheel

Probably the most appealing option for me would be a down tube fender. I realize that they don't work great, but I'm mainly looking for something that takes a minute or so to install and works better than nothing. Would rather not permanately leave full fenders on since it's a fair weather bike and installing and removing them as need dictates although not that big a deal is just enough of a PIA that I generally don't bother with it.

Any recommendations something that would work?

techsensei 05-05-16 12:49 PM

They do not sell them individually, but SKS Raceblades are worth a look.

fietsbob 05-05-16 12:51 PM

I have a hybrid with full fenders
ride that one instead.

pdlamb 05-06-16 08:50 AM

I'm not sure why you're looking for front fender only, and then want something short. The big reason for a front fender is to keep crap off you and your drive chain. Most of the stuff coming off the road will go low, towards your feet and chain. Most of the time your frame will do a fair job of keeping schmuck off your face.

My advice, therefore, is either to skip the fender or to get a full coverage fender.

mnsam 05-06-16 11:47 AM

pdlamb Looking for a front fender only because the rack and trunk bag does a decent job acting as a rear fender. I have a rainy weather bike with full fenders. Just looking for something to help a bit in the event of a bit of rain on a multi day trip. Don't want full fenders because my road bike is a fair weather bike that stays in the garage when the weather is bad. Just looking for something quick and easy for muliti day trips with a chance of rain

PepeM 05-06-16 12:17 PM

Something like this?

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