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texbiker 07-20-16 07:42 PM

Prescription Cycling Glasses
I am interested in replacing my current Hilco Leader single vision glasses. I want progressive lenses, transition lenses and a similar frame. I bought my Hilco glasses from Sporteyes. They do not appear to offer anything other than single vision lenses. Do you know a source for progressive lenses?

TimothyH 07-20-16 08:21 PM

I don't know anything about Hilco but Oakley can do progressives. I have exactly what you describe - progressive with transition.

I worked with my local ophthalmologist and his optician, described what I was looking for and we came up with a small bottom section for reading GPS at handlebar distance and a larger top section for far distance. Everyone else used third party labs to grind their lenses and nobody would touch it but Oakley grinds their own in-house and were the only ones who would do it.

Not trying to shill for Oakley or steer you away from what you want. Just recounting my experience, that's all.

Maybe Oakley could grind lenses for your Hilco frames? I really don't know.


redcon1 07-21-16 05:57 AM has made my last 2 pairs of progressive cycling sunglasses. Be prepared to pay, LOL.

rydabent 07-21-16 06:29 AM

I took my prescription to Walmart optical and got a pair of sunglasses with bifocals. The were also blue block and polarized. They cost a little over $100. Fashionable no, but functional yes!!!!

rm -rf 07-21-16 06:58 AM

I use progressive lenses on my regular glasses, but I have bifocals on my riding glasses. I want all far vision, except for a small portion, the width of my handlebars.

Here's my Rudy Rydon glasses. I like the insert, so I can swap between clear and tinted lenses.
I'll be getting new inserts soon, since my prescription has changed. These were single vision distance, from before I required bifocals. And I added the stick-on bifocals a few years ago. You can see how small the close vision bifocals are. (I trimmed them down until I had just the small area in focus.)

The bifocals were a little annoying for a ride or two, until I tuned out the line in my vision. Now I can swap between my progressives and my riding glasses, and instantly adapt to the difference.

Stick-on bifocals
These have worked great. I used Optx brand. I think they are stocked at many drug stores, too.

This is actually one stick-on, cut in half with a razor blade and then trimmed even more. My eye doctor told me that "+2" bifocals would work with my distance prescription to focus at arm's length.

These don't come off, even when rinsing under the tap. You'd have to use your fingernail to pry them off. <>

TimothyH 07-21-16 07:12 AM

Originally Posted by rm -rf (Post 18927765)
Here's my Rudy Rydon glasses.

I miss my Rudy sunglasses.

Great products and a great company.


indyfabz 07-21-16 07:17 AM

I got a pair of these a few months ago:

Sporty Rx Prescription Wrap Around Sunglasses Eagle [Black]

They are relatively inexpensive as Rx glasses go. Think I paid about $140 with expedited shipping from China for single vision. They essentially look to be Oakley knockoffs but are not as comfortable. Note, also, that progressive lenses add $220 to the cost. Overall, they are fine for my needs, although I wish I had gotten bio-focal for reading cue sheets, etc. I didn't because I needed them ASAP for an upcoming tour. I didn't want to spend a gozillion dollars on something that I might lose or damage. (I can be careless and rough on stuff.) Finally, while they claim to fit adults, they are a bit narrow. I have a relatively wide face. If it were any wider I think they would be a tough fit.

GerryinHouston 07-21-16 07:32 AM

Radians Bi-focal safety glasses.

You can get different strength reading glass models for under $10.

Do a search on Amazon for Radians bi-focal

rnothog 07-21-16 08:32 AM

Oakley progressives, specifying "Cycling" - the progressive magnification comes in just right for riding. Works well all-around.

Or any progressive where lenses have a large area for distance vision.

TimothyH 07-21-16 08:47 AM

As an aside, my employer offers vision insurance through VSP. They are excellent.


Midlife1960 07-21-16 03:21 PM

Have you considered multifocal contact lenses? While I have to admit that my eyesight is better with my progressive glasses, I can do pretty well with the contacts particularly in daylight. I can read my phone pretty well and distance vision is quite good.

Ribo68 07-21-16 03:48 PM

Got my Rudy Horus in the mail this week from sport rx. They have progressive lenses. Will ride in them for the 1st time this evening. I like the looks of them. They are pricey though. $550.00. I've got really bad astigmatism so everything I have from glasses to contacts has always cost way more.

chandltp 07-22-16 05:49 AM

I found a set of safety glasses at my eye doctor that looked very similar to cycling glasses. They work really well and since they were safety glasses, the lenses were super discounted. I'm assuming they'd be able to make them in progressive lenses.

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