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KShar 07-26-16 08:17 PM

help a newbie with a pedal issue?
I am new to cycling and recently purchased my first bike. Its a Critical Cycles Beaumont 7. I read the reviews before purchasing and most said it was a good bike but to def upgrade to metal pedals. I checked the specs here: and they said "Urban Pedal Alloy 9/16."

I purchased "MEETLOCKS® Bike Pedal Platform , 6061# CNC Aluminum, CNC Ultral Strong Cr-Mo Material Spindle Axle 9/16" , Ultral DU/Sealed bearing" on amazon. I am a newbie, but does 9/16" not always = 9/16"? The new ones are clearly a bit larger than the old so they will not go on. Before I order more, I want to know what I am missing. Any ideas???

Amazon link:

Homebrew01 07-26-16 08:28 PM

The printed specs do not match the picture. The picture shows a steel "one piece" crank with 1/2" pedals. I suspect your bike has 1/2", and there are not very many options for 1/2"... mainly low end plastic, or cheap metal.

I don't see much benefit to replacing the pedals unless there's a problem.

Regardless of size, the left side pedal has left hand "backwards" threads. All pedal threads should have a bit of grease, and "snug" tight is enough.

RonH 07-27-16 05:46 AM

On the bike spec page the pedals are listed as alloy pedals. No need to change them unless you just want something different.

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