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bilbo85 07-27-16 04:14 PM

Cannondale Bike
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Can anyone tell me what model this bike is please? Was looking for something quick to ride to work (6km) and use on light trails on weekends.


SkyDog75 07-27-16 04:29 PM

It's a Cannondale Quick CX. There are/were a few different numbered versions to denote component level and price. I don't know which this is. It would be fine for riding around town, commuting, and light trails.

Darth Lefty 07-27-16 04:31 PM

It'll do, if it fits.

bilbo85 07-27-16 04:31 PM

Yeah, I didn't know if it would be possible to tell which version it is just by this picture....

bilbo85 07-27-16 09:37 PM

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I have found out it is a CX 4. The owner is selling it at $600CAD plus a helmet and a lock. Do you think it is a good deal or could I get something else better for the money?

Thanks for your help!

General Geoff 07-27-16 10:59 PM

If it were brand new from a LBS, I'd say it's a good deal. Used, private party, and in excellent condition, I'd pay closer to $400.

edit; in Canadian bucks, I would try talking him down to $500, which would be $380 USD.

blakcloud 07-28-16 05:08 AM

A 2016 model is a little over $900 Canadian with tax, so depending on condition the bike is fairly priced. I agree with General Geoff, $500 is the magic number for me.

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