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lavielemond 07-31-16 12:21 PM

Shimano Dura Ace brake levers for 7900 DT shifters?
Hey all...I couldn't find an ideal location within any of the forums in which to pitch this question & I guess the title pretty much says it all...

Apart from my two ADR-Agrigel replicas from Lemond's '89 TDF (Bottecchia SLX Equipe & neon yellow TVT92 Carbone) that are completely kitted out with the same Mavic SSC componentry that Lemond himself used that year, my other 7 bikes are 100% kitted out with Shimano - 2 x Ultegra 6700, 3 x Dura Ace 7402/03/10 & 2 x 600 Ultegra 6402/03.

I am very interested in purchasing a bike that is kitted out with Dura Ace 7900 STI but I HATE the STI cables before Shimano finally learned how/decided to tidy it all up under the bar tape, together with the brake cables & I refuse to own a bike with that setup. I see that the 7900 series did produce a lovely pair of 10-speed downtube shifters (btw, all of my bikes apart from the two late model LOOKs with 6700 group upon them use downtube shifters & I love them) but I cannot for the life of me find a pair of conventional (i.e. NOT STI or TT) Dura Ace brake levers that would accompany these downtube shifters & allow me to remove these (IMO anyway) hideous clothesline-looking external gear cables.

So, can anyone PLEASE tell me a) why Shimano bothered to release the downtube shifters without a matching pair of brake levers &/or b) if I'm missing something here & there are a pair of non-STI/non-TT brake levers that would match this group set without me having to grab one of my spare pairs of 7402 brake levers? And let's face it, they would hardly be a match but they're the best compromise (God I HATE that word, especially when it comes to bikes!) that I can presently think of re: my dilemma.

Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to read my post & double thanks to anyone who tries to help me out here!!

jfowler85 07-31-16 09:29 PM

Doesn't exist. Sram at least offers the s500 and s900 brake-only levers but I don't suppose you want those. You can rock a pair of Tiagra R400s and match brands at least, but you already have DA 7402s so that's basically moot. You can go Cane Creek, TRP, et al.

-but- DA 7900 has under-the-tape cable routing...

lavielemond 07-31-16 10:49 PM

G'day JF!!

Thanks so much for your prompt & helpful response to my enquiry about the potential availability of DA 7900 brake-only levers to accompany the braze-on downtube shift levers.

Wow, I'm such a dumbass, confusing the previous incarnation of Shimano's flagship, the 7800 - with its "clothesline" style external mech' cables - with the (finally!!) concealed gear shift cables of the 7900!! But I'd still prefer to have DT shifters upon the bike & while I appreciate all of the alternatives that you offered me, I'm extremely anally retentive when it comes to EVERYTHING upon my bikes matching - not just the same brand but the same model & series of the brand. So I guess that it comes down to whether I wish to retain the existing 7900 STI setup upon the bike or not buy it!!

Once again, thanks so much for your assistance, mate & especially for reminding me that at least the 7900 group doesn't have those awful external gear cables!!

Cheers & best wishes...Matt.

T Stew 08-01-16 07:12 AM

If you want to match the names up, put on a bullhorn bar and get the Dura Ace TT79 levers. Otherwise you're going to have to mix. I don't see the big deal though. Sounds like you're doing a custom install anyway, did 7900 DT shifters actually ever come on anything? What about the fact your mixing shimano components on a non shimano frame? What about non-shimano bolts and screws? No matter how much you try you do realize your bike is still a mix of various manufacturers. Would it freak you out that I put on Campy ergopowers and brakes with Dura Ace rear derailleur and crankset, and mtb XT cassette, on my last build? And I didn't even install a FD. ;)

veganbikes 08-01-16 01:25 PM

While I love Shimano, the SRAM S500 levers are really comfortable in the hand and brake very nicely. I know for a while you could get DA level brake levers on their own but I guess they have discontinued them but you can find old 7400 levers on various online marketplaces for used stuff and those are probably pretty similar (from the pictures I have seen of the newer DA levers and my use of the 7400s)

As mentioned before TRP and Cane Creek also make some nifty levers but my faves are probably always going to be the Sram levers.

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