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CastleDerosa 08-31-16 07:02 AM

White Industry H2 hubs ?
I'm in the process of building a new set of wheels in the line of Campy hubs with Omega rims but recently came accross a set of White Industry H2 hubs that are like new and have a lot of bling look to them ...just wondering where they line up in the series , bottom or top of the line and how well would they perform as a racing set ?

mongol777 08-31-16 09:22 AM

One of many reviews, White Industries Hubs are Built to Last: Review of H2 and H3 Hubs - Cyclocross Magazine - Cyclocross News, Races, Bikes, Photos, Videos
I would not hesitate to put WI anything on any of my bikes if I had the $$$. I am many years happy user of their freewheels

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